Technology and Customer Service for the Utility Industry

The Scott Report: North American Deployments

Available in Pivot Table format. User can segment all AMR/AMI and Smart Metering deployments in North America. Data is summarized  by vendor, geography, and communication type, and each summary is further segmented by communication type, geography, size and ownership.  Electric, gas and water utility deployments are addressed. Easy to use.
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The Scott Report: Quarterly Shipments

Provides quarterly updates to information in the North American Deployments report for units shipped by all major vendors in North America.
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The Scott Utility Guide: A Complete Reference to Electric, Gas & Water Utilities in the U.S.

Offers detailed descriptions of the electric, gas and water utilities in the U.S. including the parent of every utility, all websites and several useful ratios (such as the number of customers per square mile).  Lists the # of customers, revenues and unit sales in residential, commercial and industrial market segments for the electric and gas utilities.  Water information is briefer, but has data on over 165,000 water utilities.  Gives summary information for each type of utility.  Comes with CD-ROM containing utility data covered by the report.
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White Paper Implementing Smart Grid Initiatives