Technology and Customer Service for the Utility Industry
COGNYST is a group of businesses that helps customers understand, support and work with utility companies worldwide.  Our services include:

Market Research: Specialized market studies based on data collected for The Scott Report

Expert Testimony: Focused reports and testimony to support legal cases, legislation, regulation, etc..

Mergers and Acquisitions: Market and business assessment to support the sale or acquisition of vendor companies in the AMR/AMI industry.

Business Case Development: Needs assessments, economic and financial analyses; value chain modeling to identify the full range of benefits; alternative scenario impact modeling.

Technology Procurement: Requirements definition; specifications and Requests for Proposals; vendor selection and contract negotiation.

Reengineering: Process analysis, benchmarking and optimization to ensure that business processes, employees and organization are aligned with the new technology.

Project Management: Implementation planning; project management, monitoring and control; post implementation auditing.

Strategic Planning: Identifying and quantifying organizational and customer service-related goals and objectives; developing strategies and tactics to achieve competitive customer relations management.

Policy Analysis: Reviewing and revamping policies and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer focus group and survey design and administration; programs for managing customer expectations; communications and public relations.

COGNYST conducts market research on developing markets and products, as well as general studies, compilations and surveys. Our publications are all under The Scott Report label:

Worldwide Advanced Metering Deployments, the most comprehensive compilation of AMR/AMI activity among water, gas and electric utilities worldwide.

Electric and Gas Utilities in the United States, an analysis of information prepared by the United States Energy Information Administration

Quarterly Advanced Metering Deployments in North America, provides quarterly updates to Worldwide Report.